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Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints Hospital

Hospital near Milwaukee, United States Open now

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints Hospital is a hospital near Milwaukee.
The address of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints Hospital is 3801 Spring St, Racine, WI 53405, USA.
The international phone number of this hospital is +1 262-687-4011


Latest review

Excellent staff, service, operations, this place has been great. Husband had bilateral knees done and he had the best care ever. Dr. Liebelt surgeon was awesome as well. Greatest team of Hospital employees ever. May switch my medical to here as well!!

5.0/ 5stars

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Maternity ward is the worst. If you wanted to stay in a pigsty and have your newborn sleep in a dirty crib with old milk stains and dust visible even to the blind, then this is the place for you! Be aware of your in room dining options: raw chicken Parmesan is top of the menu...my husband had to bring sandwiches from home so we could sustain life. Between lack of sleep ( nurses barging in lights on every hour right through the night) hardly any food and incompetence with training nurses and overconfidence with another, ALL BOUNDARIES will be crossed. Now god forbid you ask the nurse for a breast pump to assist your newby with nursing...miss overconfident will refuse you and rattle every cage with her comments and opinions. Then after trying your outmost best to stay friendly and tell her “your comments are noted but I’d like a pump please “..she still refuses, by again and again giving her 10cents. God help me, I had it with it all and just wanted to go home. Little missy then stirred the pot by alarming every one we were leaving: security came running in and a nasty woman with nothing but rude gestures standing inside my room typing and having one phone call upon the other THIS ALL 11pm at night and only 2 days after a major C-Section and tubular sterilization procedure. Then she has the audacity to tell me there is the door but baby will stay. At this point I uttered my first words to this woman telling her its my right to leave with my child, get the paperwork ready for me to sign. She giggles at me and turns to my husband stating that if we left our insurance would not cover the cost of our baby’s delivery nor stay. My husband, a doctor, at this point corrected her and said that leaving should bare no weight on whether we were covered or not because the care was already given and we are covered by insurance and had gotten the go ahead from two pediatricians that our baby was 100% fine, and Not to be concerned with baby loosing anything below a score of ten because that is normal for all breastfeeding babies. There was no medical concerns yet we were being held hostage in the worst condition in a time that should have been our happiest. When we finally got the paperwork the last comment from that nurse was: “ you know the way out”. Needless to say no one should ever have to be treated this way. If you have a choice of care and providers I highly suggest you consider the alternatives to this facility.

2017/11/20, Elderize Von-Schilling Worth

My mother was brought to the hospital which I later find out was not the 1st time as I live hour and a half away. I was being told by sister and her daughter my sister was taking care of her. I have now found that not only were the doctors concerned with the care my mother was getting they did nothing when all of a sudden my mother was not making it to her appointments. The problem here is me and my son were her Power of Attorney's and no one called or got a hold of it till it was too late. I then had to make decisions with my son's that were avoidable had this hospital done their job. That POA was in effect and done with their social worker,witness and Attorney in 2011. Yet for the next 9 days i had to watch my mother die slowly and painfully and I cannot comprehend this type of outright negligence. It was their legal duty. I'm sure I am not the only one out there..im so sorry for all. My sister in all this will get hers too...but these are supposed to be professionals and should have done their job. Also last week I went to see Dr. David Ross Family Medicine love him and Dr Nader. Only to find out Doctor Ross up and quit. He told me more than once not to go to this ER go to Janesville or Franklin but don't go there. You know it's bad when the doctor says not to. No one got a hold of me more lies

2017/11/20, Barbara Madisen

I had THEE most horrible experience. I had to ask my nurses if i could give my son a bath, i had to ask to get in the shower after birth. I had bug eggs in my food and it took 2hrs after kitched closed to get me my dinner replacement and i had recieved my original food 2hr before kitchen closed. They had bo duaoering utensils for my child until i asked. Cheap pacifiers and i had to ask for that. They gave me 4diapers at a time as well as pads for myself. Never checked on us . Uncomfortable experience ever . The nurses were loud in the hallways at night and all . I will go to Aurora again if i ever have a kid in wisconsin again. I shouldve risked having the baby in the car to go to aurora

2017/11/08, Natalee Kahl

This hospital is terrible and thats putting it nicely. I brought my father in after having symptoms of dizziness, slurry words, and almost no cognitive function. Its been 5 hours in the er and all they have done is a ct scan and a pee test. My father is a diabetic and has not been offered any food or drink. He also suffers from sleep apnea and without his mask he’s just going to feel worse. We were told we were being moved out of the er “shortly” at 11:40am its now 12:29pm and we have yet to see anyone. The room has a previous patient’s jacket and the stickers they attach for the heartrate and nerves are just laying on the ground. I would never again bring anyone here for an emergency. Take the drive to Milwaukee its much faster and they get results.

2017/11/03, nick bulmann

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